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Tag: VoIP

Phone Systems Every Business Owner Should Know By Now

Many devices have come and gone, swept into oblivion by the technological tide over the years. However, the telephone has remained stubbornly relevant albeit undergoing diverse kinds of change. A firm for voice marketing released its Call Intelligence Index in 2015, analyzing more than 30 million calls that passed through its platform. As part of…

VoIP to Remain Relevant for Business Communications in 2018

Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP) in the US has become more popular not just among businesses for communication, but also for several states coming into 2018. Unified communication services will continue to be relevant as most states steer away from wired telecommunication. According to a National Regulatory Research Institute report, 41 states already relied less…

How VOIP Evolved into a Business Necessity

Communicating to people is one of the vital things in our existence. Thanks to the evolving technology, it gets easier each day to connect with people around us, whether it’s for personal use or for business. However, there are some technological advances that are vital parts of any enterprise, such as VoIP. What is VoIP?…