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About Us

Innovation the key to technological advancement

Before e can use the marvelous power of innovation, we should first understand it and know the part it can play in our daily lives.  Innovation is the key factor that drives our technological advancement, from supercomputer to our most advanced mobile phone. It’s always fascinating to observe how our technology advances over time and how it is advancing every day to new limits.

Over the past decades we have been slowly taken over by technology. You might not want to admit it, but ask yourself this, how many mobile phones do you own? How much hour do you spend using your laptop? Technology has been helping us with our daily tasks, either from work or our personal lives, and it gives us faster and efficient solutions to our complex problems.

Our mission

We started Retina Post with a mission to inform our readers about technology and how it is evolving to new heights. We are geeks that are so passionate about the latest gadgets, cutting-edge software, and new technological advancement that we can’t stop to talk and write about it. That’s why we are here to share our passion with you.

Commitment to share and inform

Whether it’s the latest IOS application or the newest gadget in the market, we will do our best to inform you. Here at Retina Post, we are committed to sharing the latest news and stories about the gadgets, software, android applications, IOS applications, tech businesses, and technological advancement in general.