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VoIP to Remain Relevant for Business Communications in 2018

By Joshua Moe | December 29, 2017

Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP) in the US has become more popular not just among businesses for communication, but also for several states coming into 2018. Unified communication services will continue to be relevant as most states steer away from wired telecommunication. According to a National Regulatory Research Institute report, 41 states already relied less…

How to Make Your Business Healthy and Successful

By Joshua Moe | August 27, 2019

Thanks to technological breakthroughs, new gear and equipment are now available on the market to satisfy customers. For instance, smart eyeglasses continue to amaze and help a lot of people in the UK and other countries around the world. If you have a visual impairment, this technology can change your life. There are various causes of visual…

Digital Marketing Strategies for Building Patient Loyalty in the Healthcare Sector

By Joshua Moe | January 14, 2019

While most business sectors might realize profits by targeting walk-ins, this is not the case for the healthcare sector. Your practice’s revenue primarily depends on keeping your customers coming back and giving others referrals to you. This is however not easy. Recent statistics have in fact revealed that 65% of patients are frustrated by their…

Top Digital Marketing Trends and Tactics

By Joshua Moe | March 20, 2019

Digital marketing is an oft-heard buzzword in this age of interconnectivity. Nothing really is on a full-spectrum marketing campaign unless digital marketing is part of it. Be it a new product line, a service upgrade, or a merging of an industry giant that will address a serious lack of technology—it would need digital marketing. This…

Types of Sandblasters

By Retina Post | July 26, 2018

While there are three different types of sandblasting methods available today, they all have one concept-sandblasting — but can be used on different surfaces. Note that sandblasting can be catastrophic when not used correctly and in the right setting. Thus, professional help and product precautions must always be observed. That said, before identifying which sandblaster…

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Five Things Every eCommerce Store Needs to Have

Are you a new business owner planning to start your own eCommerce store? Then your success lies on your products, your team’s dedication to ship the correct items on time, and your after-sales. One of the first things that you need to succeed in is your eCommerce website development. If you can’t provide online consumers with…

Elder care

Want to Grow Your Home Care Business? Know the Strategies That Work

There is a great demand for long-term care for seniors in the United States. This is because, for many, nursing and retirement facilities are too expensive. Older adults are choosing to stay at home and hire a caregiver to look after them. For entrepreneurs who have ventured into the home care industry and are now hoping…

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Simple Ways to Streamline Employee Onboarding

Recruiters and business owners heave a sigh of relief when the hiring process is over. There is no more need to post job ads online and conduct interviews. An offer has been signed, and all that’s left to do is wait until the new employee’s first day at work. Except, employers are not in the…

Businessman Writing Planning Marketing Brand Concept

5 Lessons from Movies You Can Use to Promote Your Brand

There are many ways you can promote your brand. Sometimes, it takes a celebrity endorser, with enough budget. Or you can try to rank higher on Google searches, according to If you have the creative juices for it, you can even try to go viral, just like how Lil Nas X promoted his song…


Daily Business Tasks that Bosses Shouldn’t Be Worrying About

Your and your team’s time and resources are precious. Every time a business decides to enter a new project or expand their venture, it’s always a tug-of-war between rationalizing adding another team member on board or paring down the project to reduce costs and save time. Here’s where outsourcing comes into play. Marketing and Social…

When Your Workplace is Not Safe Anymore

When Your Workplace is Not Safe Anymore

The office should be a relatively safe place for its workers. After all, nearly every part of the world has its own set of occupational safety and health standards in place. Unfortunately, what looks good on paper does not necessarily mean something that also happens in real life. In some cases, real-life incidents can be…

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