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Data Management: An Essential Tool in Business Success

By Joshua Moe | January 30, 2020

Business owners know the importance of data in achieving company success. Data about consumers, information about business processes, and records of relevant information are essential in any business. That is probably why the majority of brands are trying their best to gather essential information. It does not only mean that companies collect information, but they…

4 Time Management Tips to Help You Grow Your Business

By Retina Post | March 20, 2018

Running a business is a demanding task. There will be times when you’ll wish there are more than 24 hours in a day, so you can do more. notes that using software that can do repetitive tasks can save you time, so you can concentrate on other business-related matters. There are different types of tools…

Top Digital Marketing Trends and Tactics

By Joshua Moe | March 20, 2019

Digital marketing is an oft-heard buzzword in this age of interconnectivity. Nothing really is on a full-spectrum marketing campaign unless digital marketing is part of it. Be it a new product line, a service upgrade, or a merging of an industry giant that will address a serious lack of technology—it would need digital marketing. This…

Oil and Gas: How Much Will This Business Cost You?

By Robert Miles | December 7, 2017

The past few years have been a roller-coaster ride for the oil and gas industry. They were punctuated with extreme lows including massive layoffs. In 2017, two big hurricanes disrupted the delivery of these basic needs. The recovery has been slow, but the good news is that it seems to be stable. It is still a…

Top Things You Should Know About Online Banking

By Joshua Moe | August 29, 2019

Everyone uses the internet on a daily basis to check their social media accounts, stream movies and TV shows, do some research, or other activities such as online banking. It has made things easier in our lives. You can register your credit cards, checking account, savings, and time deposit so that you can view your…

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Why the ‘Internet of Things’ Is the Next Big Thing

The advent of the Internet and the explosion of mobile devices has opened up new opportunities for innovation. At the top of the list of exciting technological developments that can revolutionize how we live is the Internet of things (IoT). What exactly is it? In a nutshell, the concept of IoT is to connect a device…


After a Disaster: How Technology Eases the Financial Toll

Catastrophes and accidents take a toll psychologically and financially on people and entities. Small businesses and large companies protect themselves from the negative repercussions of unforeseen events when they get insurance. Sometimes they also build a claims management software system so that they can evaluate and record all claims made for them or against them. But…

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Costly Product Design Blunders to Avoid at All Costs

Is your business currently developing a new product? That is a great idea. You should always come up with new solutions that your consumers badly need. But we cannot deny the fact that designing a product takes a lot of hard work. If you are not careful, you can end up making mistakes that can…

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Taking the Digital and Tech Revolution Further: 5 Trends That May Define the 2020s

From its code encrypting (and breaking) days in the 1940s to the beginnings of its clerical application in the late 1950s, the computer showed great promise. Then, from the rise of Microsoft in the 1970s to today’s tough competition among a plethora of tech companies, the computer rapidly evolved into a medium that is now…

using laptop for work

Add More Hours to Your Day and Increase Productivity in Your Small Business

Time is of the essence for all businesses, but especially the small ones that are trying to break into the market. Time wasted could mean the loss of a potential client and loss of profit. So, how can you streamline your work process and increase productivity? Here are a few ways. Use Technology Technology has…


Marketing: How to Make a Product Successor Successful

When a movie becomes a blockbuster hit, the first thing that comes to mind is a sequel. It is the same thing with marketing. Some successful products deserve a follow-up. Naturally, companies need to update their internal database when that happens. For that kind of project, product onboarding software will greatly help. This program will…

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