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Trends Affecting the Packaging Industry

By Alex "TechWizard" Thompson | September 30, 2021

Many retail businesses focused on selling their products online after the consumers stayed home when the pandemic started. The changes in the environment compelled businesses to adapt to the situation to ensure they continue to connect with their customers online. Even though the situation has improved, online shopping continues to grow as people become accustomed to…

Adapting to Technological Trends and Its Impact on Business Growth

By Alex "TechWizard" Thompson | September 24, 2021

Adapting to technological innovations provide people with various opportunities to improve their lifestyle. With advanced tools and equipment, they can find effective solutions to overcome challenges that they may encounter. This is also true when it comes to running a business. If you know how to use business technologies, you can implement modern tactics that…

When Agriculture and Technology Meet: Modernized Methods and Technology Helpful to Farmers

By Alex "TechWizard" Thompson | October 1, 2021

Agriculture as an industry is a vital part of human and animal life, economies, and progress. It is fortunate that, over time, more and more investors are looking into agriculture. This constant influx of investments makes it possible for the farming industry to advance along with the evolution of technology. Robotics, sensors, devices, GPS, and…

A Primer on Fluorescent Indicator Adsorption Testing and Standard Apparatus Specifications

By Alex "TechWizard" Thompson | March 4, 2019

In your line of work, it is necessary to use specified tools and apparatus for testing procedures with standard guidelines. Fluorescent indicator adsorption (FIA) analyses is an effective and efficient procedure and should provide reliable results. In order for this to occur, the apparatus for ASTM d1319 FIA must conform to specifications. The main usage…

Comparing MacBook Screen Replacement Costs: OEM vs. Third-Party

By Alex "TechWizard" Thompson | October 31, 2023

In the world of MacBook screen repair, one of the most common issues users face is a cracked or damaged screen. Whether it’s an accidental drop or a manufacturing defect, a broken MacBook screen can be a major inconvenience.  When it comes to replacing the screen, MacBook owners have two options: going with the original…

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