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The Next Generation of Watches

By Robert Miles | November 22, 2017

Checking the time used to be the main function of our watch, but gone are those days. With continuous innovation and countless research, what used to be a time-telling accessory is now evolving to a smarter gadget. Over the years, the smartwatch has become more common. The increasing popularity of smartwatches can be attributed to…

Advantages of Project Tracking Software for Small and Medium Companies

By Joshua Moe | February 5, 2019

Traditional project management software is very technical, and it allows for myriad details. Today’s project management software has evolved and has been improved to become more responsive, easily understood, and shared across groups of people within an organization. Modern software used for project tracking has taken precedence over traditional project management methods as it allows…

Can Outsourcing IT Services Help Your Small Business?

By Joshua Moe | April 23, 2019

  Hiring a professional IT support is essential for a solid business strategy. Whether you’re running a startup or a small company, an experienced IT team will help your business grow and improve. It’s a common practice among big companies, but there’s a good reason why small businesses should also get outsourced IT support. According…

Five Ways to Boost Your SEO Through Brand Reputation

By Retina Post | January 4, 2019

Did you know that Google considers ‘brand’ a ranking signal? Yes, the very reputation of your company can push your web pages up the rankings. If you just heard about this fact now, you probably missed many opportunities to boost your SEO through sound public relations over the past months. Don’t fret, though; the arrival…

These Strategies Boost Your International SEO Efforts

By Joshua Moe | May 18, 2018

Are you planning to expand your business into other markets around the globe? If so, Internet marketing provides you with multiple opportunities to do so. However, simply having a website, social media pages and a grand plan aren’t enough. You’ll need a targeted search engine optimization campaign to realize your goal. Experts from a Denver SEO…

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Luxurious bathroom

Amazing Luxury Home Upgrades You Can Get

Many people want their home to feel and look luxurious. Unfortunately, most of the “luxurious” things are out of their price range. Luckily, there are many affordable luxury home upgrades you can get at a reasonable price. Plus, they can increase your home’s value. Here are some upgrades you can get for your home. A…

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Success Starts With Surveys: Data Sources in Business Analytics

Company growth is important for a business, and most of the time, it is a continuous process. In some cases, however, no matter how hard you work, it won’t always produce any results. This is where the phrase, “Work smarter, not harder,” comes into play. We are surrounded by a vast amount of data every…


Three Frequently Encountered Limitations to Deal with in Order to Learn and Grow

Our collective awareness tends to be flooded with a disproportionate number of stories and images featuring successful people. It’s true that these stories often serve as inspiration for many people; but without a useful insight into how success can be achieved, and their examples emulated even to a lesser extent, the opposite effect can result.…

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Do Small Businesses Benefit From Cloud Business Phone Systems?

Customer service is an integral part of any business. Even if the nature of your business doesn’t call for constant communication with clients or customers, you still need to provide a means for them to reach you. While social media and instant messaging have been the preferred method of communication for many nowadays, there are…

Cybersecurity concept

2020 Cybersecurity Threats That Everyone Should Be Aware About

As 2020 begins to end its first quarter, there are plenty of problems that the world face. Besides the current Pandemic that the globe is fighting, cybersecurity continues to plague the digital space for many organizations. Thankfully, information and digital technology consulting services and experts continue to offer solutions. But as a business, let alone a user,…

cloud based project management

How Cloud Based Project Management is Changing the Workspace

Project management has been a thing since before computers. When computers and networks came into the mainstream, they simply made the work easier for project managers. The Internet, for one, made it possible for companies to opt for cloud-based project management. If you are not yet on board with putting project management on cloud servers,…

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