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How to Deliver Effective Business Presentations

By Joshua Moe | March 1, 2019

Poor presentation skills can cost businesses money, time, and even opportunities. For companies that rely on presentations to get new clients and secure investments, a lousy presentation could mean income loss or even business failure when stakes are high. Unfortunately, many individuals do not have strong presentation skills that can help their business connect with…

Communication Apps and the Internet: Bridging the Distance

By Robert Miles | July 5, 2017

In the 21st century, not all of us can afford to be too choosy when it comes to the location of potential employment. If you find a better-paying job that requires you to work halfway around the world, then it’s only a question of whether or not you can manage to be separated from your…

Causes of GPS Errors

By Retina Post | August 7, 2018

A GPS receiver gets its signal from satellites overhead. The biggest problem with that is the distance. Many things can happen to cause errors in how the GPS works. Rainy days when one of the satellites is not working are some examples. GPS simulations like CAST run tests on a receiver, which imitates different conditions…

Anti-Jamming Technology for Minimizing Military Threats

By Joshua Moe | December 9, 2017

Global Positioning Systems (GPS) have revolutionized today’s military technology. In the world of modern warfare wherein communications, positioning, and timing all play huge roles, satellite technology is a necessity that military groups increasingly rely on. The problem, though, is that GPS signals weaken considerably when sent to Earth. Thermal noise blurs the signals. It creates…

Using Bold Colours for Websites in Any Industry

By Joshua Moe | March 5, 2019

Not all websites and companies can get away with too much quirk when it comes to their brand image. Those who are in licensed professions would want some semblance of dignity even as they navigate the more informal setting that is the online sphere. The hard line is drawn when trends say bold is the…

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What Causes GPS Signals to Get Lost?

Mobile devices nowadays have conveniently made difficult tasks so doable. From banking to online gaming, from travel booking on the go to market investments, these are easily accomplished with the touch of a button. But what is a true wonder is how technology has evolved so much that anybody can navigate successfully without having to…

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For Busy Businesses: Effective Outsourcing Made Simple

There are some occasions when your business will not operate as you have planned it. This is due to a variety of reasons. There may be a large volume of backlogs caused by mismanagement. Your business may be growing at an unprecedented rate, which explains the operations department is receiving a lot of demands. Whatever…

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Top Digital Marketing Trends and Tactics

Digital marketing is an oft-heard buzzword in this age of interconnectivity. Nothing really is on a full-spectrum marketing campaign unless digital marketing is part of it. Be it a new product line, a service upgrade, or a merging of an industry giant that will address a serious lack of technology—it would need digital marketing. This…

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Common Ways We Interact with the Internet of Things

The Internet of Things or IoT is undoubtedly one of the biggest innovations we’ve created. It allows our technology to communicate with each other without needing a human intermediary to oversee the process. It is one of the most widespread systems of communication that we use today. IoT is behind many wonderful things we use…

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Social Media Marketing and Its Benefits to a Business

Social media may simply be defined as a virtual network through which people interact in the form of sharing their ideas, data, and other forms of expression. Some social media platforms are limited to only a certain geographical region, whereas others are accessible throughout the world. Businesses have identified the importance of social media, especially…


Lower Customer Attrition with the Help of A MAP Policy

With the help of a minimum advertised pricing policy, you can protect your brand image and increase customer retention. It keeps rogue resellers from ruining your brand image in the eyes of your consumers. The biggest drawback of having rogue resellers carrying your range of products is that it increases customer attrition. Also known as…

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