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Why Candy Manufacturers Need to Prepare Early for the Halloween Season

By Alex "TechWizard" Thompson | August 23, 2018

A growing competition in the retail industry compels many businesses to begin stocking shelves with Halloween candies as early as August. Some experts described the scenario as an evolving trend that no longer just applies to the pre-Christmas season. In recent years, retailers took the liberty of displaying their holiday offerings even if the fall…

5 Ways Technology Can Reduce Material Waste in Manufacturing

By Alex "TechWizard" Thompson | March 1, 2022

Technology has improved the manufacturing of products. All over the world, companies are adopting different types of technology to speed up production, cut the cost of labor, and reduce material waste. The amount of material waste generated by manufacturing is staggering. In a world that’s already drowning in the trash, more industries should push toward…

Why Your Business Needs Cloud Services

By Alex "TechWizard" Thompson | March 14, 2020

The internet has dramatically helped even the smallest businesses grow and gain more reach. It has aided mostly in advertising and marketing. But, the internet can also assist small companies with storage and even collaboration. How? It’s through the use of various cloud-based services. What is a Cloud Service? Cloud services are any services that…

The Wonders of Virtual Technology in Gaming and Work

By Alex "TechWizard" Thompson | November 6, 2021

During the current coronavirus crisis, government and commercial institutions have been forced to keep their people out of the workplace and recreation grounds. Yet, the need to keep moving along with economic demands remains, even from the confines of the home. Talent and craft development have become more challenging due to the pandemic, as on-site…

Cloud Computing: Bringing Success to Your Business

By Alex "TechWizard" Thompson | December 20, 2018

Cloud computing is a revolution that has enabled business owners to receive computing services at their doorsteps. All you need is a high-speed Internet connection to access the data centers that store information for you or your business. Many companies have adopted the technology and are currently reaping all the benefits. Cloud computing provides them the…

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