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Quick Business Tip: Embrace Video Marketing and Grow Your Sales

By Retina Post | June 8, 2018

Denver’s One Floor Up knows that with the help of a video editing business, you can kick your marketing efforts into high gear and grow your sales. Videos are a major component of the average internet user’s experience. In fact, over 85 percent of the people with internet access consume at least an hour of…

Three Ways to Use Drones For Businesses

By Robert Miles | August 28, 2017

With the exploding popularity of drones or unmanned aerial vehicle(UAV) in the past few years, it’s not a surprise that business minded people are using this  for business applications. What is a Drone? Drones are the popular term for UAV or unmanned aerial vehicle(UAV). Drones are controlled on the ground with a ground remote controller.…

Here Is How eCommerce Integration Can Simplify the Future of Business

By Joshua Moe | June 13, 2018

According to The Statistics Portal, an estimate of 1.66 billion people around the world bought goods online in 2017. And they prefer this over going to shopping malls as it avoids crowds and saves time in their buying process. That is probably why ecommerce is growing at a rate so difficult to keep up with…

Types of Sandblasters

By Retina Post | July 26, 2018

While there are three different types of sandblasting methods available today, they all have one concept-sandblasting — but can be used on different surfaces. Note that sandblasting can be catastrophic when not used correctly and in the right setting. Thus, professional help and product precautions must always be observed. That said, before identifying which sandblaster…

3 Essential Skills of a Social Media Manager

By Retina Post | March 12, 2018

Picking the perfect candidate for any role requires due diligence. Whether you are hiring an individual or outsourcing from an agency, it is essential that your social media manager possesses certain skills. Entrusting your accounts to the wrong person could see your company trend for the wrong reasons. The last thing you want is for…

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3 Considerations When Picking a Sport

With so many sports out there, it can be difficult to choose the right one for you. While you can always try any sport, it’s good to have an idea which one will suit you. Before you pick a sport and buy gear like radar guns, bows and arrows, baseball bats, or epees or sabers,…

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Work Hack: Three Ways to Make the Most of Cloud

The cloud is undeniably one of the best technological advancements today. If you are planning to make your business work efficiently, you need a cloud-forward strategy. An efficient business is a productive one. And the more productive your business, the more chances of increasing ROI. So if you want to make that happen, now is…

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How to Get Ahead of the Competition

Parents always emphasise the importance of education to their children, and with good reason. It is easier to land a good job if you have a college degree, making the quality of life better for many. According to a study, almost 90% of students who completed a college degree are more likely to take up…


NFC Technology: Understanding its Usage

The world gets more and more futuristic day by day. No one knows whether the things that happen in futuristic movies like Matrix will happen in real life one day. But one thing is for sure, as days pass, the role of technology in human lives are becoming bigger and bigger. Now, a simple payment…

Creating a better you

Creating a Better Version of Yourself

Humans rely on routines and habits. Sometimes people are so dependent on these habits that they become resistant to change, even if they know that it’s for a good reason. These are some of the reasons why people can’t quit and become too scared to try out new things. Here are some tips to help…


Guide to Finding Love Online

With millions of people all over the world, finding the right one for you might seem easy. After all, there are many fishes in the sea. However, when the heart and mind speak, finding the perfect match can be harder than rocket science. Some people are lucky in love, while some might need a little…

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